Bringing In 2016 with Gratitude & Appreciation

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It is a well known fact that one comes, finally, to believe whatever one repeats to one’s self, whether the statement be true or false. If you repeat a lie over and over, you will eventually accept it as truth. Moreover, you will believe it to be the truth. Every person is what they are because of the dominating thoughts which they permit to occupy their mind. Here is a little journaling exercise created to help you focus your attention on the many experiences that 2015 brought into your life that you can stop and be grateful for.

Step 1: At the top of a journal write:

“Things From 2015 That Made Me Stop, Think, Learn & Grow”


Step 2: Set a timer on your phone for 3 minutes.

For each question below write continuously until the timer is up. The continuous writing minimizes thinking and allow free creative expression and thoughts, something that is lost when typing on a computer. Re-start the timer for each question.

Step 3: Writing


Who were the people that…

came into your life?

you said good bye to?

started a relationship with?

deepened a connection to?

What far off place…

did you visit?

did you move to?

did you feel a new connection to?

gave you an old connection to?

inspired you?

What celebrations or gatherings were you a part of?








What important conversations did you…



speak at or facilitate?

made you stop, think, laugh, grow and glow?

What gifts were…




Step 4: Sit and take in all that 2015 brought into your life and drink in the gratitude.

PS: If you’d like to deepen the experience feel free to add more questions such as…

What breakthroughs happened?

What blind spots did you become aware of?

What fear did you overcome?

What bold audacious moves and achievements were you most proud of? PPS: If you’d like to do this exercise regarding 2016, put it in the future tense.

(Example: Who are the people you are looking forward to welcoming into your life in 2016?)

Post your comments and share your experiences below!


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